Our goal is to make the process of creating your design specifications easy, efficient and mistake-free.

DesignSpecs is easy to use: with just a couple of clicks you can create multiple projects. All content can be changed at any time, not only by yourself, but also by selected colleagues.

DesignSpecs has a growing database of products, from floor covering to furniture, that can be used in your projects. You can easily add the desired products to your projects and directly add all product specifications.


Add products by yourself
When a product is not present in our database, you can easily add a product by yourself. Once you have added this product, it will be available for reuse within all your projects.

Hint: use the search bar on top of the home page to easily find your added products!

Copy products
It is possible to copy products including all specifications. This makes it very simple to add multiple products with slightly different finishes. For example, if you want to use in a project the same chair, but in different colours, it is easy to solely change the color of the chair and keep the remaing design specs intact.

Continously improving platform
DesignSpecs is continuously improving. In close relation with interior architects, we add new functionality to the software and solve minor flaws. New functionality will become automatically available to all users without loss of data.

Need help?
If you have any problems using DesignSpecs then please contact us. We are glad to help!